Bestway Hydroforce Ventura X2 330X86X48

AED 1,899.00

Inflated Size: 3.30 m x 86 cm (10 ft. 10 in. x 34 in.)
User Capacity: 2 Adults
Weight capacity: 200 kg (440 lbs)
Premium coated nylon is puncture resistant, UV resistant, oil & water resistant
Removable fins maximize speed and steering control
Two adjustable seats perfect for adventures with a friend
Removable storage bag to keep items safe as you paddle
Oar clasps to hold your paddles safely in place
Two 2.18 m (86 in.) double-bladed aluminum paddles
Air Hammer? hand pump with mechanical manometer
Contents: 1 kayak, 2 double-bladed paddle, 1 hand pump, 1 storage bag

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Bestway Hydroforce Ventura X2 330X86X48

AED 1,899.00

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Ergonomically designed for your next adventure, the Hydro-Force Ventura Kayak X2 is the perfect vessel to level up your outdoor experiences.

Premium Coated Nylon:
Built for the toughest adventurist, the premium nylon coating on the Ventura Kayak X2 can withstand some of the most harrowing elements. The fabric is oil proof, waterproof, and can endure intense UV rays. The premium nylon coating is also puncture resistant and built to withstand the rough and often rocky waters of a river. This durable kayak will maneuver you down winding rivers, lakes, and through calm open waters or over the ebb and flow of waves.

Key Features:
Designed with adjustable backrests for comfort and support, this two seater kayak can pack away your essentials like protein and water in easily accessible storage compartments.In addition to the storage housed within the design of the vessel, there is also a removable storage bag that allows you to access your necessities as you paddle through the water. The double-bladed oars are aluminum, lightweight, and held flush by secure oar clasps. When fully inflated by the handheld pump, the kayak is 3.30 m (10 ft.) long and can carry up to 200 kg (440 pounds). It has sturdy canvas handles on each side making moving the kayak a breeze. The Ventura Kayak X2 features removable fins that help with directional stability and increase speeds. For storage simply detach the fins from the kayak to get an ultra-compact, space-saving fold.

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